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2020 Indoor Golf Product of the Year! · Thousands Already Sold! · Trusted & Used By 100+ PGA / LPGA Tour Pros! · FREE Shipping & FREE Returns
2020 Indoor Golf Product of the Year! · Thousands Already Sold! · Trusted & Used By 100+ PGA / LPGA Tour Pros! · FREE Shipping & FREE Returns
2020 Indoor Golf Product of the Year! · Thousands Already Sold! · Trusted & Used By 100+ PGA / LPGA Tour Pros! · FREE Shipping & FREE Returns


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Perfect Putting Mat

Very nice mat. I use it everyday. Highly recommended!!!

Perfect path putting Mat

I actually am loving it. In the morning and evenings after I have taken the dog out I putt 5 to 7 balls on the mat. I've been able to minimize the inconsistencies in my putting stroke with the Mat and I am just hoping that this carries over to the actual putting green. Our carpet is pretty thick so there are some deviations in the surface when the mat is placed on top. I'm actually thinking about getting a piece of plywood to put underneath the mat to smooth the surface. A carpentry project for another day. But overall I am very pleased with the product and anxious to see if it translates to the putting greens on the course.

Awesome best putting practice ever

Great towel. Can I buy another?

I spend about 30 minutes each night on Perfect Practice. It helps decompress at end of my work day. It can’t wait till Spring arrives so I can see much I’ve improved.


Buyers beware, this company take unauthorised money from your credit card, higher than the invoice they send you.
I have never given a review before, but I am incensed that Perfect Practice acted unprofessionally and do not respond to emails to rectify their issue.

Family Fun

The kids love to challenge me and we have small putting contests. They learn the game and I get a little practice:-)

What a great product. Well made and easy to use and keep in your bag for ready use. Thanks PERFECT PRACTICE !!!

Perfect putter

It works nicely had a little trouble getting the mat to lay flat out of the box but after a few days no problem

HUGE Improvement

I'm a high handicapper who just got back into golf. The feel of the putt and being able to look at the distance and read how hard to strike the ball was something I have been struggling with. The speed of the mat is perfect, and I now have WAY more confidence behind the ball, and can consistently adapt to changing distances and speeds. The Perfect Practice has helped my consistency a ton, and the fact I have it right off the back of my office allows me to take breaks throughout the day and practice for a few minutes before switching tasks. Definitely glad I purchased it, and would absolutely buy it again.

Love this.

This is compact, easy to assemble and a great tool in building consistency in your set up, alignment and putting stroke.


I'm a 60 + year old with a 7 handicap at my local municipal golf course. The main reason I've been able to keep my hcp in the single digit range is my ability to putt. I've spent more time practicing that aspect of my game than any other facet. At my small single owner office I had a very level and consistent stretch of carpet that would stimp 9.5 to 10. I had range from 3' to 10'. I had an old school putting cup and a dozen brand new balls to work with. I used putting as stress and desk relief year round. In the winter, it was not rare to average 500 balls a week and never less than 100 strokes a week year round. I had subtle hand drawn lines at various increments used for distance and alignment. I had a great routine and loved it.

In May of 2020 at the height of the Pandemic and the burst of the oil and gas industry, I was forced to leave my office in order to reduce monthly/yearly costs. I converted an unused bedroom at my house for my office and continue to work out of it to this day. Along with certain other company add-ons, I lost my practice area. In a period of 8 inactive months I lost my stroke. My age, lack of reps and then loss of confidence made it hard to draw the blade back. On site practice is just not the same. Too many variables and distractions. I resolved to fix the problem but it wasn't an easy find. I looked at multiple sites online for putting mats. I viewed most with skepticism and delayed purchase. Finally in desperation, I talked to our course's young lead assistant about my problem. He said Perfect Practice might be the best product for my needs.

Long story short, I purchased 30 + days ago and I love it. I'm practicing again with renewed vigor. I'm not yet where I know I can be but, I have seen marked improvement. Consistency of stroke, more made putts and most importantly, the doubt and fear I was developing has left at the highest rate. The pace, alignment aids and the distances are ready made for me. I like the ball return rails too. Instead of 12 balls, I'm using only 2. The Perfect Practice provides me the work privacy I needed as well. Easily stored and easily deployed, it's simply a great tool. I've developed my routines and will be hitting the mat right after I hit send. Thanks! WTE/wmh

Smooth as glass

Hats off to Perfect Practice for providing a true golf putting surface at a price that is really affordable. Practice daily for 30 days, stroking at least 30 putts daily on your mat. You will be surprised by how quickly you improve.

It’s easy to use, easy to store. Their Customer Service department is Sick with service. They rock, and their greens are some of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s 40* and raining and I’m putting on my own private surface.

So her is my STAR RATING: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!

Over Box for Discretion

Great practice mat

Ball rolls true and love the 2nd (smaller) hole. I use with the mirror and it has helped with posture and alignment.

Great training aid for putting

I’ve had the TPM now for a few weeks. I’ve been using it in my short game practice sessions. It provides great training for feels. It sets you up fantastically and keep the body and arms working together. No breakdowns. Highly recommend it.

Excellent! Couldn't be happier

I purchased two of these, one at my home and the other at my girlfriends. I have both versions, the wooden and the acrylic. Both are incredible! Great for practice during these winter months. Highly recommend! Also, the customer service is A+! I don't think you could buy a better mat nor deal with a better company! Kudos!!!


It’s helped me so much

Practice Station During A Major Snow Event

I really like the support your company provides. The putting station and auto return is a great invention.
I have a chipping mat that I use, parallel to the 9' putting mat. I chip into the sloped holes and practice my entire short game.
I ordered this item at the right time. I haven't been bored being home bound, since we have received over 15 inches of snow in the last 5 days. I wish you offered a chipping and short game station and teaching method same as the perfect practice putting system. I think you could sell as many units as you could produce.

Putting is hard!!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years really working on my full swing and short game. I spend hours at the practice green, but rarely spend much time putting. I think it’s because I didn’t realize how much there is to putting, and didn’t know what to work on.

I was hoping the perfect practice would allow me to get some putting reps in during the cold winter months, but I didn’t expect it to open my eyes as to how much I needed to work on my putting form. I figured I normally miss putts because of a bad read, but this has shown me that it’s actually very challenging to hit a perfectly straight putt without any push or pull. I’ve had the perfect practice for about a month now, and I am amazed at how much better I am compared to when I got it. I can’t wait for spring time in the new golf season to see how much this will impact my game. I’ve really developed a solid routine and form that will help me bring a lot of confidence to the greens. I highly recommend.

As Asvertised

I have it laid out on my hard wood floor so it has a nice flat consistent surface. After a couple days the edges flattened out and I have been putting on it every night and it has translated into extremely confidence in putts 4 to 6 feet. I will continue to sink 100 putts a night and lower my scores this spring and summer.

great mat quality. fun to use, been challenging my son almost every day!

Practice 3 footers

I have had a month of using the practice mat and recuperating from knee surgery. I am able to putt close to 100 balls per day. I was able to change my grip and eye position as well. A great purchase. Last year was tough year of putting and committed myself to putting practice this winter knowing full well that I was going to be laid up with my knee. Glad I didn't settle for cheaper models. Always buy quality

Brownie’s Winter Practice

With -1 temp yesterday, having the opportunity to work on my putting was great fun. Totally satisfied with the product and other tips that have been coming my way. Thanks

Improve my Putting

Needed work on my putting. The Perfect Putting Mat is awesome. Helping mr find my old stroke again!,