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Absolutly love the putting mat system

I absolutely love this putting mat system ! this is my third putting mat and finally have one that I will keep ! THANKS !!

Awesome Putting Mirror!

I 've always been a decent putter but bought the putting mat to practice with at home and was making most of the putts in the small hole. I bought the putting mirror and it corrected my eyes over the ball and now I make every putt in the practice mat small hole now. On the courses I'm making more of those just missed putts. Thanks Perfect Practice!

Perfect Putting Gates

Great putting tool

Very happy with the perfect putting mat
I have already seen great results!!
Highly recommend it to everyone wanting to improve their putting!!

Best putting mat for the price BUT... UPDATE: Awesome customer service!

I find myself using the mat much more than my old PuttOut mat. The Perfect Practice Putting Mat rolls very similar to an actual green, it is straight and fast. I really like that if the mat gets a little warped due to rolling it up weird or my large dog stepping on it I can easily iron out the imperfections, getting it perfectly flat again! I also really have been enjoying the mirror that came with my combo pack it does the same thing as other mirrors but it is very high quality and comes with a nice carrying case!

Here is the BUT... the quality control is lacking. When opening I noticed the portion that holds the two golf balls was lose and angled down. The wood was splintered with nails beginning to stick out. This does not impact the performance of the mat. Maybe perfect practice will reach out and fix things. If so I will update my review.

TLDR awesome mat and design but broken wood area. Wish I got the acrylic version.

Edit: Within an hour of leaving a constructive review of the unit I received I was contacted by Drew from the Perfect Practice Team and they offered to send me a replacement unit! I would be confident that you are going to be backed by good customer support if anything goes wrong with your product! Very impressed!

super impressed. Cant wait to get back on the course

This rocks. I'm about a 10 handicap, and know my putting isn't 'stellar'.
The feedback you get from this really shows what you are doing wrong. I went from not being consistent at all, to now being waaayy better and more confident. And the videos provided are super helpful as well. I took one of the tips and it really helped me lock my wrists.
Putting is half the shots, and in minutes a day you get the feedback you need. First time out on the course I only had time for 9 holes, but drilled about 3 from 8-12 feet, which I seldom do. Hugely worth it. A great product. Well done.


Helped me improve almost immediately. First tried all 4 of my putters to confirm I had the best one to use. Also experimented with different grips to confirm best. Now have confidence in those choices. Then focused on squaring the putter face. Putting much improved!

Awesome product

Easy to store and break out. Nice quality and build.

Raindrop putting aid review

This is a super little aid.
You can line up your putter perfectly and watch your putting stroke to ensure you are in the correct position.

Putting Mat

Amazing tool that has already translated to success on the course. Fun activity to do at home, on a chill night, or before prepping for a major tournament. All around love for the perfect putting mat!

Great company!

Had a issue with receiving my product. Possible issue with delivery service. They answered promptly and took care of the issue! Great product! Great company!!

Best putting mat

Best putting Matt by far to help improve your stroke. I shaved a lot of strokes off of my score from putting.

Alignment fixed

On my first round after two days of practice I dropped four strokes by making 10-15’ putts I would normally miss.

love it

I love the product.


Haven’t used the mirror yet, just the mat. However, the instruction videos, especially #1, completely changed my putting from pitiful to good. The mirror can only help.

Great device/Change the string color

This is a great putting aid, but I recommend changing the color to white. In some light, it is hard to see.

I got this for my 16year son since he is on the golf team at his high school.
He loves it!

Great product - don’t hesitate to buy it

I’m 68 years old - retired - and play 3-4 times per wk with a handicap of 11. This is the first putting mat I’ve purchased and it has lived up to its hype. The quality of the mat itself as well as the wooden, return side rails is very good. As mentioned in other reviews all that’s required upon arrival is some light ironing to flatten the mat and then the putts roll true. I have tried the mat on both hard flooring and low pile carpet and while you can use it on both I’ve found it works much better on hard flooring. I purchased the XL (15 ft) version and highly recommend it if you have the space as it allows you to work on shorter and longer putts. This practice mat is already helping me develop a better tempo and overall stroke that has carried over to the course. Very happy with the purchase and I think you will be, too!

Great training aid

Use a half black and white ball, and you’ll know if you’re starting online. When I use it at home, it’s level. I know exactly how I need to set up to hit it online. It gives you great feedback. I have a putting green in my backyard, but never know if it’s breaking or I’m starting offline. Took it on a trip, the ball would start straight then break right, so I would putt soft enough to let the ball roll back, and it would follow the same line, it gave me the feedback that it wasn’t my putting, but the floor it was on wasn’t level. Wouldn’t know this if I was practicing on a regular green.

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

Office Distraction

Put mine in the office, putt multiple times per day. Things are definitely getting better. Love the raised target end to encourage a strong stroke.

Club Cleaner - Retractable


A very good product. Makes trying to improve your putting stroke much easier.

Good practice tool

My two boys and I have enjoyed the Perfect Practice. I do feel more confident on the course/green.