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The practice green.

Good quality and it helps my game.

Amazing putting mat - love the logo and colors

I have a standard edition at my office, love the mat. Once I saw the Florida Gator logo mat, I bought it for my house! Looks even better than the one at my office, I will use it while watching gator football 🐊 💪🏻


Very happy with the purchase. Would definitely recommend it.!

Better on the course

I walk by, stop and putt until I've made 5 in a row from 6 to 8'. It has helped my game on the course. I'm more confident standing over what used to be the knee knockers. Still need some work but a marked improvement. Now come up with a way for me to keep my head down for the count of 2 and you will have another great product.

Vastly Improved My Putting Stroke in 7 Days

I was a putter in need of a technique to make my stroke more consistent . The putting mat has given me the firm stroke I was looking for. No more short and off line results on the real greens. I am more confident with my alignment and follow through stroke . My last round I knocked off 6 strokes from my 3 prior rounds all because I sank more puts and left 1 & 2 footers for the ones that did not drop with the first stroke. If you really want to improve your putting game, try this product, it really worked for me. Just purchased a second mate as an early Christmas present for my son and grandson, they love it !

Great Putting Trainer

Highly recommend! Easy to move around and break apart. Rolls true once it flattens out. Took my putting from high 30s on a round to low 30s with no three putts.

Best training aid

This was a purchase well worth the price!!! Really helped my putting alignment, so much so that my friend mentioned that he would purchase one!!

Making more putts

This is a wonderful tool that can easily be used on the practice putting green - it has helped me make more putts on the golf course

Good quality but…

Like the club cleaner, but the plastic cover that you place over the cleaner for protection cracked first day. ( also the retracting groove cleaner doesn’t always hold when opened, something might be defective). Besides those issues the brush and retractable rope line are nice.

Excellent training aid…and thinking aid!

I’m using this thing every day and it is awesome! I’m now lights out from 6 feet in on the golf course and I owe it all to this training aid. I also use it when I’m on conference calls for work. Really helps me think while practicing putting at the same time

Practice makes perfect

Great putting mat. Rolls great. I like to take 5-7 min a couple times throughout the day work on the fundamentals. I feel the Perfect Practice Mat has made me a better putter on course.


As described


As described


TPM has helped build better muscle memory. Putting mat is very good too.

A True pendulum swing

My stroke has been using too much wrist and the TPM has helped me to achieve a much better pendulum swing that results in much more consistent putting stroke and more hole outs.

I like it and feel it has improved my putting.

Good putting mat

Well built Sturdy and challenging


I was sent 2 mats a 9 and a 15 ft. Want to return the 9 ft for credit

Great product

My first time using a putting mirror and can see that I needed to make a slight adjustment. Practice has led to better contact and more putts made. Definitely a must have item for practice!

Could not be Happier!

I received the Perfect Practice putting mat for my 41st birthday. After setting it up in my office, I'm able to roll putt after putt during conference calls. It's an amazing practice tool, and I've thoroughly enjoyed using it every day since receiving it. As far as results go, it's nothing short of spectacular. I'm an 11 handicap right now. A lifetime ago (when I was twenty), I could consistently shoot in the high seventies/low eighties. Real life took over, and I haven't played nearly as much golf as I would like. After about 2 weeks of practice with Perfect Practice, I broke eighty for the first time since 2001! 7 over par 79 with 32 putts! A seven over par may not get me on tour, but it sure made that day special. Thank you for creating such an easy-to-use practice tool! 5/5, would buy again!

Johnnymos review

Quick shipping , love the green and the ball returns!👍5 stars

Confidence Builder!

At first, I was skeptical, but what the heck, I took the chance and bought the standard edition. Shipping and packaging = fast & secured perfectly within the box. Unboxing experience, easy, and quick. Rolled it out, placed it in a good spot in my office, read the recommendation card, ironed out the edges and small bumps from packaging, and within minutes, began putting. To say the least, the mat has a great feel and response that mimicks a well taken care of green. Within the first few moments, the skepticism was fading, this here is a top quality product. Where I struggled in game was finding my putting tempo. This mat allows me to place golf balls at every length from 2 to 9 ft and hit then sequentially, warming up with the regulation sized hole and then challenge my aim with the smaller and more accuracy demanding hole. 10/10 would recommend, and I'm more than less likely going to buy another one for the living room. I can say I putt more confidently from within 10ft because of this product. Don't be a skeptic, this here is the real deal.


Great training aid made out of the highest material. I struggle with inside of 10ft putts, cant wait to improve!

Great putting mat

I love this mat. Lets me practice my putting without having to drive 15 miles to my course. I have to say that my putting has improved with fewer 3 putts.

Instrumental tool for technique

Allows one to focus on proper setup and stroke. Ingrains feel and confidence.