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Brilliant putting mat

Fantastic quality, looks great, and has been very helpful for practicing without the ability to go to the course.


We have two exchange student's at our golf course this year staying with the owners. Either one has every played golf before one from Spain and one from Germany I gave a basic golf lesson just to get them to hit the was a chore but we got there. Next came putting they had tried to teach each other how to putt with very little success 7 and 8 putts a green . I finally got some time to spend with them on the putting green They were terrible so once again the basics . A little better , then we tried the putting gates Wow what a difference they were so focused on putting through the gates they forgot about grip, alignment and even where the hole was . But what was crazy they started to make putts. What a great product for the beginners and for me a 3 HDCP my putting has gotten so much better in a very short time . But the greatest thing to see was two beginners fall in love with the game . They play almost everyday and always ask to use my putting gates when they practice before there tee time. Once again WOW

It’s a gift for my son ( BD)
As soon as he tell me anything I will tell you

Very helpful

Bought one of these a couple of months ago and use it about 8 hrs/wk. It is great quality and it has helped a lot. Went from 34-35 putts/round to 30-32/round. It has helped my putting confidence greatly.

Perfect practice

Using the perfect practice has absolutely been fun set up in my living room I practice on it daily. It has dramatically help me make more putts.

Confidence is the key!

7 handicap
Shaved minimum 3 strikes off due to confidence over anything under 8 feet ! I practice 2-8 footers 5 min each night and on the coarse I feel so much more confident

I’m truly putting better

I’ve had this mat for a month and watched the 5 free putting instructional videos. I have it set-up in my home office and spend 5 min on it in between work calls or when I take a break. I’ve found that my grip is improved, my putting tempo is better, and my ability to hold my line is better. I am now practicing with a purpose and I’m definitely seeing better results. Am I going to be able to drop 30 footers with a big break and a downhill slope? Probably not (yet!); but am I going to increase my make percentage on 5 - 15 footers? I already have.

Still New But It has Not Leveled Out

The tract with the small hole is really good. The regular hole tract breaks pretty hard left. It is on very tight pile carpet but not sure why one tract so close to the other performs differently.

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

Enjoying every time

Excelent quality and feedback. Would highly recommend to all level golfers who really want to become better players.

Bill’s putting rejuvenated

The Practice Matt with the five step videos has given me regained confidence on my putts. Using the metronome and reducing my right hand influence with the claw grip has really helped and recently my putting is being noticed by my league buddies. My rounds are getting much better. Great system.

Rain Drop

I received the Rain Drop after initially receiving another item which I did not order. I was instructed to the "other item" and very shortly received the Rain Drop. I have not yet used the items but having used a string line years ago I expect that I will like the features of the Rain Drop so this review is primarily based on the prompt attention I received from Customer Service during the order process. It was excellent. I expect the product to be as good.


Great quality and compact if you need to store it. Definitely helped my short game.

Perfect Putting Mat

Quality - better than expected since all putting mats I’ve seen or used have been severely lacking in quality, so I didn’t know what to expect. Completely satisfied with it from A to Z. Highly recommend this practice tool only to those who want to improve their putting.

Four to eighty six

So Fun to watch my father & his Great Granddaughter have putting contest’s.

Exactly what I needed.

Ordered and received the standard mat with alignment mirror and had it within 4 days. In less then 30 minutes I feel more comfortable over the ball and putting down the line. Excellent training tool.

Gift for my son

I gave this to my son who played college golf and still plays at a near-scratch level. He says his putting has never been better mainly due to the Prfect Putting system. The auto-return is really cool.

Best putting mat out there!

love the quality and true roll

really helping me

it seemed really basic when I unpacked it but as I kept using it I became more comfortable and WAY more consistent. I’ve only played 3 rounds since I got it but I definitely felt better over putts and made a bunch in the 4-8 foot range which really help the score.

Wonderful Practice Aid if you have Level Space

I've worked on my putting stroke at home for the last 5 years and the XL has taken my practice to new level. Practicing putts from 10 to 15ft has helped me observe my stroke starts to break down on longer swings. To make use of this matt at any length you need a level floor. This was difficult for me to find in my basement. Once I found a good place, it has made my other matts obsolete.

Rolls Like A 11

Put this thing on some cement in your garage and you will be rolling the rock on a 11-Stimp meter. Love it! Wish I would of ordered the Long Boy to roll some 15 Footers. Didn't know it would be this quick


Excellent product

Very Good

Solid construction and putting surface is a good speed - not too slow and not too fast. Excellent product and a great way to keep your game sharp while you’re away from the course.