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The Perfect Putting Mat by Perfect practice

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Why Golfers Should Embrace Training Aids

Golf is hard. Finding time to practice is even harder.

Perfect Practice training aids are thoughtfully designed to inspire golfers to practice more... and practice better. They're guaranteed to help you lower your scores without changing anything else.

Perfect Practice Mats

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  • Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition
    Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition - ohksports Perfect Putting Mat™ - Standard Edition - ohksports
  • The RainDrop - Retractable Putting String
    The RainDrop - Retractable Putting String - ohksports The RainDrop - Retractable Putting String - ohksports
  • Dustin Johnson Putting Collection
    Dustin Johnson Putting Collection - Golf Sply Co Dustin Johnson Putting Collection - Golf Sply Co
  • True Pendulum Motion (TPM)
    True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports True Pendulum Motion (TPM) - ohksports

More Than 2,000 5-Star Reviews!

Exactly What I Needed

Ordered and received the standard mat with alignment mirror and had it within 4 days. In less than 30 minutes I feel more comfortable over the ball and putting down the line. Excellent training tool.

Eric S.05.01.2021

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

I'm actually getting better

Honestly thought I would never get better at putting. I have been golfing for 20+ years and nothing has made an impact. After I got my hands on this "Dustin Johnson Collection" I am a putting machine! It's legit crazy how many putts I'm making. My friends are amazed how quickly I've improved. Every product serves a purpose. Can't wait to go low this weekend!

Chris B.03.25.2021

Dustin Johnson Putting Collection

Very Good

Solid construction and putting the surface is a good speed -- not too slow and not too fast. Excellent product and a great way to keep your game sharp while you’re away from the course.

B. Thompson04.29.2021

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

Putting Glasses "Eye Opening"

The use of the Putting Glasses opened my eyes to the fact that my head was moving all over the place right, left forward, and backward as I set up over my putts and while the clubface made contact. Using the Putting Glasses with the 15-foot Perfect Practice Putting Mat and on the putting green I have trained myself to be more still and more calm standing over the putt and through impact. Then I follow the path of the ball with the laser. A great tool that has definitely helped improve my putting. Highly recommend it.

Robert M.12.07.2020

Laser Putting Glasses


Exceeded expectations...I’ve tried less expensive options and this one is the bees knees!

Jackie P.04.21.2021

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

Awesome! Quick fix!

Awesome! Quick fix! After just 30 minutes of practicing with the TPM sticks I saw an immediate improvement on those pesky 4-6 footers I've always struggled with... now they are in the bag and a mandatory part of my warm up routine.

Cameron B.04.16.2021

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

About Time!!!

I love this product so much! The XL was a great investment! 15’ with the extra tracks makes practicing so much fun! Currently at 50 in a row, so it must be working!

Edwin R.4.13.2021

Perfect Putting Mat™ - XL Edition

RainDrop(ping Putts)

This bad boy has been helping me drop more balls than a one-armed juggler! I love it! It is a must carry for all rounds to either practice or pre-round warm-ups. Keep up the good work!


The RainDrop - Retractable Putting String

Addictive putting aide

The best golf practice device I've ever owned. Thoughtful design and well made, I can't walk by without rolling a few putts. I also enjoy the putting and practice tips they have provided since I received the mat. Good stuff all around.

Mark M.02.10.2021

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

Smart Training Aid

This is a great aid to help you not break your wrist and keep the pendulum motion. It has helped a lot.

Jack P.04.09.2021

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Ashley’s Review

I got the Perfect Putting Mat for my boyfriend and he loves it. He has it in his office and practices while working 😁. Don’t they all?

Ashley P.03.12.2021

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

They work

Okay, so they look goofy on my head. But the laser definitely shows you where your eyes are pointing and how much your head moves. I was surprised as to both. I was able to immediately improve my putting as a result.

Jeffrey F.12.01.2020

Laser Putting Glasses

Builds Good Habits

After years of "streaky" putting this product is helping me finally become more consistent with my stroke.

Chuck W.02.10.2021

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition


This is definitely one of my favorite training aids. It fits perfectly in my bag.

Isabella J.01.18.2021

The RainDrop - Retractable Putting String

Perfect Practice with another HOME RUN!

I recently tried these laser glasses and man am I impressed. I never realized how much my head moved while putting. I also realize that I never learned how to properly look down my aim line. After a few minutes with these on I take them off, and my body still feels like the laser is there! Now I am keeping my head perfectly still and draining more putts!


Laser Putting Glasses

Muscle Memory

It really helps develop a true pendulum motion. Gets the big muscles working and learn to do it right.


True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Raindrop is awesome

I love this tool. It saves a lot of time and hassle compared to the normal lines that are always tangled and tough to find in your bag.

John P.01.10.2021

The RainDrop - Retractable Putting String

Laser Glasses = Head Connection I Needed

These laser glasses have made me a much better putter. They force you to keep your head perfectly still during the stroke. Before using these glasses, I rocked my head back and forth, not realizing I was doing it. I can put a putt on the perfect start line every time!

Eric S.10.20.2020

Laser Putting Glasses

Testimonials From The Pros


Dustin Johnson Collection

Dustin Johnson spends 95% of his time practicing putts from inside 10 feet, and he uses his Perfect Putting Mat to help him practice those putts anytime, anywhere.

The Perfect Putting Mat has a tour-inspired design that helps golfers improve every aspect of their putting. With its train-track alignment aids and two hole sizes (regulation and reduced), there's never been a faster or easier way to start making more putts.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping + Free Returns

Trusted By 100+ Pros

2020 Indoor Golf Product Of The Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from Perfect Practice Putting Mats?

Everyone! Our premium putting pats help every golfer practice more and practice better. For Tour Pros like Dustin Johnson, making one extra putt per tournament can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

For everyone else, who can put a price on taking a $20 Nassau off your buddies? Our putting mats will help you leave the course with a smile (or maybe even a trophy).

Where should I use my Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

Indoors or outdoors... anywhere you have a flat surface such as your living room, office, gym, basement, kitchen, or pro shop. Please make sure your mat is puled tight to ensure a smooth transition up the ramp. And if you're using it outside, bring it indoors when you're finished.

If you mat happens to get dirty, simply vacuum it as you would any carpet.

Why the Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

After a few minutes of using our mat, you will gain confidence in your ability to hit your putts where you are aimed. That translates to a lot more made putts on the course and a huge boost in confidence over the ball.

What is the speed of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

We spent a lot of time perfecting our Crystal Velvet material with Tru-Roll Technology, which will roll out at 10-14 on the stamp meter depending what is under the mat. Hard floors roll closer to 14 whereas thick carpets tend to roll closer to 10.

How much do your mats weigh?

Our Perfect Practice Putting Mat (Standard Edition) weigh 7.5 pounds and can be discreetly stored anywhere.

How long are the putting mats?

The Perfect Putting Mat (Standard Edition) extends 9.5 feet with printed markings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet. We also have a shorter mat (Compact Edition) and a longer mat (XL Edition).

Can lefties use your putting mats?

Yes, both mats work great for righties and lefties. We also have a mat made specifically for lefties

My tracking info states my order was delivered, but I haven't received my product(s). What should I do?

We trust and value our carriers, but issues with deliveries can occur every now and then. We recommend checking at all entrances or with neighbors to see if your order was accidentally delivered to the incorrect address.

You can also contact the carrier directly to verify that they in fact did deliver the package.

UPS: 1-888-742-5877

USPS: 1-800-275-877